The solution to your oxalis problem!

If it is possible to have an environmentally friendly weed killer, then Death to Oxalis is it!

Available in New Zealand at:
Palmers Garden World
Kings Plant Barn
Oderings Nurseries
Selected Garden Centres
Mitre 10 - some stores
Hammer Hardware - some stores
Farmlands - some branches

More information:
Who should use Death to Oxalis?
If you have oxalis which grows from bulbs (and has white, pink or purple flowers), then this product is for you.

What is Death to Oxalis?
DTO is a NON-HAZARDOUS* powder which is mixed into a solution and applied as a spray to oxalis leaves and flowers. It needs to be applied with a 'sticker/spreader'.

*ERMA considers that Death to Oxalis is NON-HAZARDOUS in terms of HSNO and therefore does not require approval. This means that it is very safe to handle and use.

When do I apply DTO?
DTO works best when sprayed in the heat of the day and in full sun - the hotter the temperature the better.

Why should I use Death to Oxalis?
DTO will not kill other plants when applied at the recommended strength. There may be some slight burning of delicate plants.
There is no risk of spray drift killing other plants.

Where can I use Death to Oxalis?
Oxalis which is growing amongst other annuals, perennials or ornamentals can be safely sprayed. Death to Oxalis is not registered for use on or around food crops.

How does Death to Oxalis work?
DTO works by burning the leaves and flowers, which then die off. This weakens the bulbs by starving them. If new leaves appear another spray will be required to kill them.
In this way the oxalis disappears from sight, and you do not need to dig up other plants to remove the bulbs.
The following season the young bulbs which may have fallen off the dying parent bulb will throw up new leaves. These will now need to be sprayed. DTO is not systemic.

Picture shows oxalis mixed in succulent.
Generally it would be difficult to kill the oxalis without either removing the succulent or also killing/damaging the succulent, but with DTO, the spray kills the oxalis, but does not damage the succulent.
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First Aid Measures

Swallowed: Although swallowing is unlikely to cause problems, it is a sensible precaution to rinse the mouth with water and drink a glass of water. If irritation continues seek medical advice.

Eye Contact: Flush eye(s) with copious amounts of water for at least 5 minutes retracting eyelids frequently. Remove contact lenses if present. In all cases of eye contamination it is wise to seek medical advice.

Skin Contact: Wash affected areas with soap and water.

In case of a medical emergency: Doctor can call 0800 764 766 - 0800 poison.